Corporate Finance

Companies and businesses often reach milestones that are unique and occur only once in their lifetime, which is why they have no or little experience in handling them. First and foremost, divestments (sale of a company or business unit, either because the current owners lack successors, want to invest elsewhere or simply to implement corporate reorganization strategies) and investments (acquiring businesses as a result of new segment or market expansion or growth strategies). 

In both scenarios, AFP’ experts can actively assist Management, providing two core features: our international capacity and the fact that our teams are formed by experts from the different fields required for an assignment of this kind, coordinated by corporate finance experts. All of this ensures the successful completion of the task entrusted to AFP.


M&A and corporate restructuring transactions

Our team of M&A experts, which only works in these types of transactions, always with the strictest confidentiality, handles all phases of the transaction, both if you wish to sell your company or a part of your business, and if you want to take over or buy into another company. An added bonus in this field is that MSI Global Alliance provides ample international coverage, making it easier for us to find suitable investors anywhere in the world or, conversely, identify buying opportunities in the sector and country in which you are looking to acquire a business.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we have experts in each of the areas involved in the process, so we can handle these kinds of transactions from start to finish.

The deals we are involved in most often are:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • LBO (Leveraged Buy-Out)
  • MBO (Management Buy-Out) and MBI (Management Buy-In)
  • Expansion Capital
  • Corporate restructuring (operational and financial)
  • Generational succession of partners

Working methodology

The phases we are typically involved in when advising on an asset sale or acquisition transaction sale are:

  • Operational and financial diagnostics
  • Business plan and business valuation.
  • Prospectus, teaser and other marketing documentation
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Active search and identification of target companies or investors
  • Shortlist of target or interested companies, after their strategic and financial evaluation
  • Drafting of non-binding offers and confidentiality agreements
  • Acquisition Due Diligence.
  • Negotiation support in all fields: legal, fiscal, financial, etc
  • Preparation and advice in the final contract of sale/purchase
  • Monitoring of compliance with the various milestones specified in the sale and purchase agreement
  • Assistance in the takeover and integration of the acquired business.


We support companies in assessing their financing needs by structuring the transaction, from evaluating different sources and the most appropriate banks and institutions, to negotiating and closing the deal. Our typical services in this area are the revision of optimal capital structure, structuring and negotiation of leveraged financing, debt restructuring, etc..

Transaction services

The mandates that allow us to offer the best added value are those in which we handle the whole process of buying or selling a company or business, but we also cover specific areas of a deal, working with banks, investment funds or industrial enterprises by assisting or preparing Data Room processes, conducting due diligences or any other aspect of a transaction.

Company or business unit valuation

We issue valuations and fairness opinions of companies and lines of business both for a corporate finance transaction and for other reasons. We draw up business plans in order to assess the feasibility of an expansion, consolidation, diversification or divestment strategy, and act as independent advisors in reviewing the industrial plans prepared by a company’s management on behalf of banks, investment or venture capital funds.