AFP provides auditing services to Spanish and international companies and bodies from a broad range of sectors. Our work approach is based on acquiring a thorough understanding of the audited company and the sector in which it operates, determining and assessing its main areas of risk and the subsequent planning of audit tests, to ensure they are as effective and efficient as possible. By doing so, we provide the best value for both, our clients and for the recipients of the audited financial information, from a quality, objective and independent perspective.

Our extensive international coverage allows us to keep on offering our clients quality-guaranteed auditing services when they set up businesses abroad or they set up a business abroad – just as we regularly render auditing services to the subsidiaries of foreign companies with establishments in Spain.


Audit of individual and/or consolidated financial statements

Audited financial statements raise levels of transparency and make their users trust them far more substantively. This makes credit and fund raising much easier because banks, suppliers and investors can rely on the financial statements audited by one of the largest audit firms operating in Spain and worldwide.

On top of that, our audit experts bring added value to the audited company by identifying risks and opportunities for improvement, all to the company’s benefit.

  • Auditing of balance sheets or other financial statements
  • Financial and legality audits of local authorities and other public sector bodies
  • Independent expert’s report required by current regulations.
  • Agreed-upon procedures and limited review assignments
  • Audit of anual packaging statements (ECOEMBES and equivalent bodies)

Audit of accounts to justify grants

Our experts have extensive experience in reviewing accounts justifying grants awarded both by national government agencies and the European Union,  and being fully acquainted with the scope of the work and the different models of reports required by each agency allows us to be effective and efficient in the review process.

Assurance assignments

In these assignments, we are engaged to issue a report that increase a third party’s degree of confidence in the information facilitated by the reviewed company. As an example of this type of work, AFP’s experts are engaged to verify compliance of certain clauses (usually of an economic or financial nature) of contracts or commitments signed between the reviewed company and the third party which receives the report.

AFP’s experts have extensive experience in these type of assignments, which we have carried out, for instance, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition, the Spanish National Competition Commission and for some listed companies, among others.

Compilation of financial statements

Our experts can help a company to prepare and file the annual financial statements or other financial information. By doing so, its Management can be sure that it has high quality financial statements that meet the requirements of a particular financial reporting framework.

In this type of assignment, our mission is to prepare the annual financial statements, or any other financial information, from the information supplied by the company, contributing our knowledge and experience in this field. However, the information facilitated by the company is not audited, so under no circumstances must the compilation of financial statements be mistaken for an audit of the annual accounts.

  • Analysis and evaluation of internal accounting control systems

Risk Management - identifying business risks and assessing the quality of controls in place

Risk management has become a critically important factor as businesses must remain competitive in an environment with increasingly uncertain and unstable operational and financial conditions.

This calls for planning and effective management of risks arising from factors such as operating in mature domestic markets, expansion into new geographic markets, volatile financial markets, adverse regulatory changes, IT system security threats, management disaster (fire, floods, etc.)., political turmoil in some of the countries where one operates or potential negative feelings that can arise from the proliferation of social networks, among others.

Our experts can help you to assess the effectiveness of your risk management system, if one is already in place, or develop and implement the one that best suits your needs if do not have one, and also monitor it periodically to ensure its adequacy and compliance.  

Due Diligence

A due diligence provides a thorough understanding of the target company from many different perspectives: its financial situation, market position, strengths and weaknesses, profitability and any possible tax, legal or environmental contingencies.

In addition to the comprehensive due diligences that cover all aspects, we can prepare partial or specialized due diligence reports on any of the following areas:

  • Financial
  • Fiscal
  • Legal
  • Environmental

  • Authentication of specific facts.

Collaboration with Internal Audit Services and outsourcing of internal audit

Our experts regularly collaborate with companies’ internal audit departments, reinforcing their teams at peak times or developing specific test programmes that are conducted by fully independent personnel.